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Presidential Politics 2004 


Bush: I Had a Dream... a Very Disturbing Dream

    (BCNN) President Bush used the occassion of Martin Luther King Day to reveal a recent harrowing dream which has interfered with his pursuit of an appropriate vanity war to herald the coming ecomomic boom.
   "I had a Dream," moaned Bush at a morning press conference, "a very disturbing dream."
   Details of the dream were tightly held secrets as the Presidents staff acted swiftly to deflect inquiry into the specifics of the nightmare.
   Sources close to Bush insist that the President's dream did not contain a large group young, black males nor did it in any way involve his country club in Midland Texas.
   Sigmund Freud could not be reached for comment.

Nation Gripped By Liebermania

   (BCNN) Media outlets nationwide are struggling to cope with the demand for coverage of the budding Presidential campaign of  Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.
   "There's no doubt about it," mused Fox news anchor Brett Hummous, "the nation is awash in Liebermania."
   White House sources, speaking under the condition of anonymity, indicated that the Rove machine considers Lieberman a threat to the Administrations hopes for a second term. 
   "Karl is shitting his pants," said one senior aide. "We've had many challenges over the pat few years but Lieberman, with all his charisma, Is something we haven't had to deal with and frankly, we're frightened."
   Several Washington Interns have expressed interest in fellating Lieberman.

Living the Lie 

   I sit here in utter amazement that we are about to go to war and it's all such a lie. 
We are on the wrong side of history for the first time since Vietnam. This is a totally 
artificial war to cover up massive fraud on the part of our government officials. America is being looted and this war is nothing but a cover for a crime against freedom itself. 
   We are a nation that is living a lie and millions of people are about to be slaughtered over that lie. I can not live this lie and I will not. We have become the enemy. We are a threat to freedom and liberty and we as a nation should stop and resist this and tell these 
people in our government that we will not live that lie and they will not loot our future. 
   The time has come for all honest and honorable citizens who stand for the values that make this country great to rise up and make our voices heard in a way that the looters can not ignore. America is a war - be we are our own enemy. It's time to quit living the lie.
    What we are doing is so very very wrong and we absolutely must stop! 

 Marc Perkel 

San Francisco, CA. 

Cheney To Visit North Korea, Eat Human Flesh

(BCNN) Sources close to the White House are speculating that Vice President Dick Cheney may soon be dispatched to North Korea as part of a diplomatic mission designed to head off what many see as an inevitable clash over The North Korean's renewed interes in the production of Nuclear Weapons.
   The Administration has had uneasy relations with the North Koreans since the President declared them to be part of the "Axis of Evil" which fuels global terror.
   It is hoped that Cheney may be able to find common ground with the nation's leaders as he, like many North Koreans, is a devoted cannibal.
   "It may be hard to get Dick to come back once he gets a taste of the Korean people," said one administration official.
   Cheney could not be reached for comment.

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