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Topic subjectI want to bring it back.....I might not be him but koreshdamnit breitbart is dead
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12350, I want to bring it back.....I might not be him but koreshdamnit breitbart is dead
Posted by Hochizen on Fri Nov-11-16 05:52 PM

I have had enough. Breitbart is dead, his empire takes off Bart need not die. If I gonna do it, I gotta get paid like bart did, but I will happily give all initial cash over and we can make a deal. You know why we can make a deal? Because we are liberals so we know money isnt the most goddamn important thing.

Want my resume?

Went to a school familiar with one of the Republicans recent candidates. Went to major university, an editor of the humor magazine, graduated honors college with english degree, went to second rate law school, only had one trial ever that was settled in a strip bar for an evening of table dances, expert in flying monkey kung fu (genuine second rate karate fighter who fought against the best and got his ass kicked by each and every one of them), spectacularly unsucessful career, previous libertarian, mostly "liberal" political non-euclidean, gun owning, guy who buys an armed robber a beer, frustrated poet, divorced remarried with minizen now attending same college.....dude one paycheck from disaster but who is dancing, dancing madly on the razors edge, looking at the stars and saying

Man, this American Grown is Patriotic and medical!

So allow me to take up the fallen torch.


But if attacked go for the pelvic bone.