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Topic subjectRE: I want to bring it back.....I might not be him but koreshdamnit breitbart is dead
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12351, RE: I want to bring it back.....I might not be him but koreshdamnit breitbart is dead
Posted by Hochizen on Fri Nov-11-16 06:16 PM
allow me to continue.

I am technologically lovecraftian. My aura destroys tech. I was actually able to destroy one of the first computer networks as a middle schooler (same school familiar with recent Mormon Presidential candidate...hey did you know his high school used to have all kinds of illegal plants growing amongst their gardens?)

Ready for this? I got a letter signed by Trump to a buddy of his who was disbarred for theft but never spent a day in the lockup...then again, he only stole a couple hundred grand! Yes indeedy........I worked for said buddy, and indeed acting as his minion did personally speak to his trumpness at times.

Bad history: Daddy might have had a red file on him; grand dads watch (now mine) says workers of the world, unite!

What kind of a commie do you have to be to get a gold watch?

Well the only reason I say this is I am not a commie....and I may be a bit to the right of bernie....sorry guys.....

but here is the other deal, I am an investment manager who deals with the economic shite on a daily basis. I dream charts sometines. For those in the know, I say we are so far on the left of the Laffer curve they don't know what the fuck they are talking about on taxation; further cuts will necessarily hurt society. I lived through the Reagan years, once partied with the Clash, saw the Ramones and Sonic Smith and the Dead Boys, danced with Patti Smith and yes, grabbed her by the ass, sat at a table with Al Taubman and drank Annie Greensprings with some natives in a dump in sub zero temperature, a white guy who was sometimes the only white guy in a very very black ghetto, who has been able to teach a Muslim woman karate without touching her.

And I am a student of the way of strategy.

Ah well...off to sleep, perchance to dream....