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Topic subjectSick
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480252, Sick
Posted by Grayfox2 on Fri Nov-10-17 10:55 AM
I am not sure you can characterize republicans as sick or maybe as insane for their responses to that asshole from Ala. Some rather than simply say the charges were untrue tried to come up with some sort of acceptance. Like having sex with a 14 year old is perfectly ok. After all she ask for it or she should have known better.
480253, evil.
Posted by trifectaboy on Fri Nov-10-17 12:39 PM
sick or insane implies they're not responsible for themselves.
they have no trouble understanding the difference between right and wrong when it's a democrat (or woman or muslim or non-white).
480254, Thank goodness Sean Hannity's hero Roy Moore is above all this.
Posted by DavidLind on Fri Nov-10-17 04:56 PM
Oh, wait! You ARE talking about Roy Moore!

It is fun watching Sean Hannity try and uncontort his way out of the hypocrisy pretzel he's made for himself. Just a few days ago he was lambasting Harvey Weinstein as a degenerate Hollywood liberal and not as a friend of one Donald J Trump.

But I'll try not to get too much altitude on my high horse because now Louis CK is among the accused on the shipwrecked shores of Hollywood. But none of Louis CK's accusers are underage. I like Louis CK. I hope this doesn't end his career.
480267, Et tu Brute? Sean Hannity bails on Roy Moore.
Posted by DavidLind on Wed Nov-15-17 12:46 AM
Sean gave Moore 24 hours to come up with the evidence that proves him innocent or get out of town. Er,...drop out of the Senate race.

I think Moore is gonna hang on until the grim end.

(Sean should watch it with the ultimatums. He still hasn't fulfilled that waterboarding pledge from some years ago.)
480270, Boy that Sean has a big heart,...for 1 or 2 republicans.
Posted by DavidLind on Thu Nov-16-17 10:40 AM
Everybody else,...Can Go Straight To Hell!!

Sean spent about 20 minutes damning Bill Clinton to hell for something done 30 years ago and then went on to have sympathy and understanding for Judge Moore. After Moore wrote Hannity an open letter 'splaining everything. Sean didn't actually forgive Moore, but he certainly didn't damn him either, saying he will leave it to Alabama voters.

That Sean is such a sweetheart, to the right people.
480255, Remember Josh Duggar? Mike Huckabee was his champion.
Posted by DavidLind on Fri Nov-10-17 11:26 PM

Revelations that Duggar had molested five girls and had been a member of the website Ashley Madison led to the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting on July 16, 2015.<5><6><7><8> Duggar's publicity woes were named one of the "10 Big Scandals of 2015" by USA Today while the Washington Post listed Duggar as one of the "15 People the Internet Hated the Most in 2015."

The Faux News personalities sure can pick em.
480256, RE: Remember Josh Duggar? Mike Huckabee was his champion.
Posted by Grayfox2 on Sat Nov-11-17 11:09 AM
In addition to these evil republicans, we now have an entertainment world upside down with all the sexual harassment charges where it looks anything goes.
480257, Yeah, but Hollywood is showing remorse.
Posted by DavidLind on Sat Nov-11-17 04:05 PM
Republicans are acting like, "I don't understand. Someone did something wrong?!?"

One Roy Moore supporter compared Moore to the Bible. Mary and Joseph specifically. An underage Mary with an older Joseph. That they begat a guy named Jesus, so see.....,


I'll try and find one place to begin. Wasn't Jesus supposed to be the son of this God dude???

It's hard to reform anything when nothin needs reforming. Got that? So just sit back and wait for the next mass shooting.
480260, RE: Yeah, but Hollywood is showing remorse.
Posted by Grayfox2 on Mon Nov-13-17 01:39 PM
I read that about 50 pastors were sticking up for Moore. Since I am a non believer I don't put too much stock in preachers since there is a history of them preying on young boys and girls. They get away with it since they are often called on to counsel anyone who gets in some sort of trouble within the church.
480262, Moore got banned from mall for bothering young girls in the 80s.
Posted by DavidLind on Mon Nov-13-17 05:57 PM
This has layers like a peeled onion.

My aunt who is a Catholic, fully embraced the insane stories about Hillary Clinton last year. About the pedophile pizza parlor. About John Podesta being a cannibal. But when the subject of pedophile priests comes up, it's an attack on 'her' church. Of course, she's a republican.
480265, RE: Moore got banned from mall for bothering young girls in the 80s.
Posted by skywalker77 on Tue Nov-14-17 08:32 PM

I couldn't copy the shortcut correctly, but here's the article.


What a creep.

480269, Thank you for providing the link.
Posted by DavidLind on Wed Nov-15-17 06:58 PM
There are guys in prison for less than what Moore did and this creep wants to bounce from being a judge to being a U.S. Senator. I don't have much faith in the deep South, but I sincerely hope the people of Alabama do the right thing.
480271, RE: Thank you for providing the link.
Posted by Grayfox2 on Thu Nov-16-17 12:32 PM
Some time ago I posted some info about the State of Va having a license plate with the Gadsden flag and the words "don't tread on me" that is now used by the white supremacy crowd. I think the license plate ought to be renamed in honor of Gadsden, Ala's finest citizen, Roy Moore.
480272, The Liberal Gadsden Flag.
Posted by DavidLind on Thu Nov-16-17 05:33 PM
Or the mischievous flag. The one with the coiled crosseyed snake with the inscription "Don't Laugh at Me" always gave me a grin.