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Topic subjectlaughing all the way to the bank
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480432, laughing all the way to the bank
Posted by Grayfox2 on Wed Dec-20-17 08:27 AM
I would wager all those republican senators are laughing at the democrats after they passed the tax scam bill. The democrats did a poor job of explaining what was in the bill when they had about three days to examine it and basically let the news media do their job. The news media did a piss poor job with confusing charts rather than show how the bill would affect different levels of income by ordinary Americans.
480433, Most people don't like it according to most polls.
Posted by DavidLind on Wed Dec-20-17 08:51 PM
When it starts to adversely affect Obama Care, those negative numbers will rise. Republicans are gambling their poor constituents who voted for them won't notice. We'll see.
480438, Why did you think they waited?
Posted by MadSatyrist on Sat Dec-23-17 04:08 AM
Prices can't change until next November.


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