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Topic subjectDear John Ashcroft,
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20529, Dear John Ashcroft,
Posted by hholli1 on Fri Nov-21-03 08:41 AM
As a lifelong Republican, I am so relieved to know that you have instructed the federal prosecutors working under your direction to seek only MAXIMUM penalties for these money-laundering, RICO statute violating drug addicted criminals that are aimlessly wandering the hallowed grounds of America.
I remember the previous "administration" granting a PARDON to a RICO statute violator, just because he was wealthy. (His name was even "Rich" if I remember correctly). That is why I am so glad that you will be prosecuting Rush Limbaugh to the fullest extent of the law. Drug dealers should be locked up with the key thrown away, and the lawless, seedy ways in which these recalcitrants violate the spirit of America should be met with the wrath that only you can provide.

Money laundering is a crime.

So is drug possession.

So is drug dealing.

Please make sure this three time felon gets put away for life.

Anything less would only help the terrorists.

Wynette Banks
Charleston, South C

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