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Topic subjecthe committed a crime called structuring
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20532, he committed a crime called structuring
Posted by amazona on Fri Nov-21-03 10:36 AM
It is apparently abundantly documented that Rush committed a money laundering crime called, "structuring," as described by the Money Laundering Act of 1986. Since the passage of that law, banks are required to file a CTR whenever you deposit or withdraw $10,000 in cash. Banks are not supposed to discuss the law with you or give you any advise on how to evade the requirement; any attempt to "structure" your withdrawals or deposits to evade the requirement is the crime called "structuring." The federal gov't does not have to prove that you actually had involvement in any illegal enterprise; repeatedly withdrawing sums of money like $9,900 to be just under the reporting level is itself the crime of structuring.

There is no doubt that Limbaugh is guilty; he admits to making "3 or 4" withdrawals in that amount, and the bank documents actually show that he made around 30 such withdrawals. The bank cooperated in helping him evade the CTR requirements and was supposedly already fined $10 million dollars. However, under the Money Laundering Act of 1986, both Limbaugh and any bank employees who assisted him in the act of "structuring" are supposed to receive mandatory prison sentences. I no longer have the law in front of me, but if I recall correctly, the minimum is five years, no parole.

The fact that they have a papertrail of his withdrawals and all the bank records, and have had this information for two years, yet still have not arrested this scumbag, are just further proof that the law does not apply to the extremist elite.

I feel impelled to repeat -- there is NO necessity under the law to prove that Limbaugh exchanged the money for drugs, although it is clear that he did. There is no need to prove drug possession. No need to invoke RICO. The money laundering act of 1986 is all you need to put Limbaugh in jail today. But this requires a law enforcement officer who has the courage to enforce the law against a rich rightwing extremist...ain't gonna happen.

I would not be surprised to learn that Ashcroft himself was on drugs. Powell recently blurted out that "everyone" was and mentioned explicitly that his drug of choice was Ambien. This news was quickly buried under the Michael Jackson silly season stuff....