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Topic subjectTried a couple months ago a few times
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38111, Tried a couple months ago a few times
Posted by Fud on Sun Apr-09-17 07:33 AM
Unless his email changed but no response back unlike before. I don't feel like giving out his real name but some of you know already. Hope he is ok or maybe just taking a break.

edited to add this after finding his last post http://monkeyfister.blogspot.com/2015_08_16_archive.html seems to be the last one I can find ranting about that idiot gene simmons. So that was two years ago, I don't have a clue really.

And found this digging for a couple minutes from Feb 8, 2003 https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/greatlakesrainbow/conversations/messages/9201

Don't know what to make of it really. Hope all is well Tony.