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How to search the discussion forums using advanced search form

  1. Enter a keyword or keywords. If you are submitting more than one keyword, use a blank space to separate each keyword.
  2. If you specified more than one keyword, define search logic. If you choose "Or" logic, the search will return any topics containing any one of the keywords. If you choose "And" logic, the search will return topics that matches the entire string.
  3. Select what part of a post you want to search. You may choose to search both "Subject and message," "Subject only," or "Message only."
  4. If you wish to also search by author, check the "Search by author?" box, and enter the name of the author in the text box.
  5. Select a conference or a forum to search. If you select a conference, it will search all the forums in that conference. NOTE: Limiting the number of forums to search will be much quicker.
  6. If you wish to recursively search a forum and all its children forums, select "Yes" for this option.
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