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Subject: "I Want To Talk About Platform & No Child Left Behind" This topic is ARCHIVED.
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JodyBJodyBresch3Sat Mar-20-04 06:55 PM
Member since Aug 26th 2002
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"I Want To Talk About Platform & No Child Left Behind"


Today I attended a district platform committee meeting in Iowa's southeast district. I volunteered to work on the Education Sub-Committee. There was a college administrator in attendance, a kindergarten teacher, a school librarian and me. I said that our convention had voted for a repeal of the No Child Left Behind Act. The administrator said, "Let's be realistic. That's not going to happen." Well when we had sifted through the platforms from thirteen of the counties represented, seven of them had a Plank about the Repeal of the No Child Left Behind Act. I let the committee bat the subject around until the librarian finally asked me what I thought about the subject.

I said, if you guys so choose, there are three of you and one of me, but I came here to represent my constituents for voting for a repeal of the No Child Left Behind Act. In my hometown of 23,000, we have our one and only high school and one of our elementary schools on the at-risk list. If we lose our high school funding, we would be looking for area schools to transfer over a thousand high school students to. Since we are the largest town in Wapello Co., that means we would be trying to divide those students between the five school districts closest to us, and those communities are a third to half the size of ours. I'm standing behind my convention's decision to endorse a plank for a repeal of the No Child Left Behind Act."

Well, to my utter amazement, the debate stopped, and the rest of my committee members agreed to support the 'Repeal' plank as I had written it.

I am hoping that there are others of you out there who will take an aggressive stand on this subject as well. Eventually, Congress is going to have to hear us, folks. Just keep talking to them. Don't let up, and stand by your convictions.

To me, trying to fix it is like trying to fix a house that was built on sinking sand. No matter how much we attempt to shore it up, it's never going to be a solid, reliable house to live in. We need Congress to go back to the drawing board and come up with something realistic that can actually be implemented, something professional educators have had input on, and something with a fair evaluation process.


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I Want To Talk About Platform & No Child Left Behind [View all] , JodyBJodyBresch3, Sat Mar-20-04 06:55 PM
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amen. nt, SDent, Mar-20-04 08:45 PM, #4
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Shrub is revising NCLB....., jimmymac, Mar-21-04 07:59 AM, #8
      Another Bush Empty Gesture, Revision Is A Waste Of Taxpayer Money!, JodyBJodyBresch3, Mar-22-04 06:46 AM, #11
Brand New Mark Fiore on the topic..., monkeyfister, Mar-21-04 07:20 AM, #7
RE: I Want To Talk About Platform & No Child Left Behind, crasmane, Mar-21-04 08:07 AM, #9
      Thanks, Feel Free To Quote Me Anywhere It Helps The Cause...And About ..., JodyBJodyBresch3, Mar-21-04 05:48 PM, #10
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