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Subject: "Kudos! I'm quoting you at The Sideshow." This topic is ARCHIVED.
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AvedonSun Mar-21-04 03:29 AM
Member since Apr 23rd 2002
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"Kudos! I'm quoting you at The Sideshow."
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This is a great example of getting down to business to address a problem, and I congratulate you. The sooner people acknowledge that this program is unworkable and simply admit that there is no alternative to getting rid of it, the sooner the campaigns will realize they have to talk about it - not just for the sake of winning (although that too!) but for the sake of making it right again.

Bush has made a lot of hay by pretending to support education, a prescription drug plan, and of course national security. In no instance has he actually done so, and every one of these programs has been a disaster for the things they are claimed to support. It would be negligent to do anything less than to confront this issue head-on.

A lot of people have been making the mistake of thinking there is a "rational, pragmatic" path in trying to implement these programs, trying to support them, taking the approach that we are stuck with them so we have to try to make them work. But they can't work, and we have to say so.

The conservative approach to programs they don't like has never been to accept them - it's been to lie about them and to sabotage them. They don't come right out and say, "Blacks don't deserve equality," they just say blacks are "unqualified" (no matter how many get certifications or even graduate cum laude), they deliberately recruit incompetent blacks so they can point to them and say, "Look, you're making us hire all these people who can't do the job!" and then if by some accident they actually end up with people who are competent they make sure they never get anywhere.

They do this with everything. They invent reasons why a program (say, Social Security) is not working, then find ways to "fix" it by undermining everything that makes it work.

It's absolutely obvious that NCLB is intended to close perfectly good schools and ultimately destroy the public school system. We can't be silent about that.

Thank you, Jody, for making the voice of reason a part of the process.

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The Sideshow


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