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Subject: "Thanks, Feel Free To Quote Me Anywhere It Helps The Cause...And About ..." This topic is ARCHIVED.
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JodyBJodyBresch3Sun Mar-21-04 05:48 PM
Member since Aug 26th 2002
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"Thanks, Feel Free To Quote Me Anywhere It Helps The Cause...And About ..."
In response to Reply #9


In Ottumwa at the first Platform Committee I chaired for the county, one platform committee member said, "Let's face it, Social Security is going to go belly-up. Why fight it?"

I turned to him and said, "We fight it because The United States Government made a pledge to the American people that they could count on Social Security, that it would be there when we need it, and now they want to say it's not a fiscally sound program because the baby boomers are quickly approaching Social Security age. Well I say our government made a pledge to its citizens, and we need to tell them we expect them to honor that pledge. We shouldn't be making it easy for them by letting them off the hook without a fight. We need to tell them that when they make a promise to Americans, they need to keep it."

This crap of you can't fight city hall so why bother trying is a bunch of bull! If I misquote this I'll be terribly embarassed, but what happened to "government of the people, by the people, for the people?" If it isn't serving our needs, then it isn't our government, now is it?


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