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Subject: "Freerepublic/Swiftboat connection?" This topic is ARCHIVED.
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backlash2Thu Aug-05-04 12:29 PM
Member since Jan 31st 2003
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"Freerepublic/Swiftboat connection?"


Free Republic's own Scott Swett is the web master for He is also appearing on Hannity with the 2 Swifties.

26 posted on 08/05/2004 1:14:19 PM PDT by abner ( or
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Freerepublic/Swiftboat connection? [View all] , backlash2, Thu Aug-05-04 12:29 PM
RE: More on Freerepublic/Swiftboat connection?, backlash2, Aug-05-04 12:43 PM, #1, backlash2, Aug-05-04 12:47 PM, #2
An Interview with Scott Swett - Director of the Free Republic Network, backlash2, Aug-05-04 12:47 PM, #3
      Oh, my...thanks, Backlash, PeteHisey, Aug-05-04 01:14 PM, #5
      RE: An Interview with Scott Swett - Director of the Free Republic Netw..., backlash2, Aug-05-04 01:55 PM, #8
      Game. Set, Match!!, monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 01:58 PM, #9
           Freerepublic Network 2003 Form 990-EZ w/ list of Officers, backlash2, Aug-05-04 02:05 PM, #10
                Domino's Pizza? 201 Pacific Coast Hwy Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, backlash2, Aug-05-04 06:12 PM, #26
                Western Pizza Enterprizes? 201 Pacific Coast Hwy Hermosa Beach, CA 90..., backlash2, Aug-05-04 06:42 PM, #27
                     RE: Western Pizza Enterprizes? 201 Pacific Coast Hwy Hermosa Beach, C..., Maezeppa, Aug-13-04 07:45 AM, #44
                AMAZING--Free Republic is a 501(c) corp--that's some thin ice, up_from_down, Aug-05-04 07:05 PM, #28
                     Thin Ice? I'd Say That First Paragraph Says It All..., monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 07:49 PM, #29
                     It's not all that cut-and-dry but I wonder if Smear Vets are a 501(c)(..., up_from_down, Aug-05-04 08:55 PM, #30
                     Actually, if you look at their 990-EZ . . . ., Praxxus, Aug-06-04 02:13 PM, #39
The Freepers are everywhere!!!, XeroMan, Aug-05-04 12:53 PM, #4
Everywhere the Freepers are there is a stench , backlash2, Aug-05-04 01:14 PM, #6
Send this to the Kerry Truth Squad, sekmet, Aug-05-04 01:32 PM, #7
OK, To Whom Do We Write to Send This?, monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 02:40 PM, #11
I already took care of mediamatters..., PeteHisey, Aug-05-04 02:48 PM, #12
This is good, thanks Pete, monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 02:51 PM, #14
RE: I already took care of mediamatters..., backlash2, Aug-05-04 03:38 PM, #18
(edit) Backlash, How About This Letter..., monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 03:55 PM, #19
RE: Backlash, How About This Letter..., backlash2, Aug-05-04 04:07 PM, #20
Sent to Randi's home email., stranger, Aug-05-04 09:25 PM, #32
LA Times and the Washington Post, Praxxus, Aug-06-04 08:27 AM, #36
STERN??, Joe Liberal, Aug-08-04 06:51 AM, #43
Dang, Show time ended..., monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 02:50 PM, #13
Does "Unfit for Command" co-author post at FR under nick "jrlc"?, backlash2, Aug-05-04 02:58 PM, #15
Sure looks like it to me, PeteHisey, Aug-05-04 04:35 PM, #21
Are swiftvets and Freerepublic network donation pages on same server?, backlash2, Aug-05-04 03:06 PM, #16
Line 9 is different top to bottom, If That Means Sumpin'..., monkeyfister, Aug-05-04 03:22 PM, #17
Damn, you're good, PeteHisey, Aug-05-04 04:37 PM, #22
      Maybe this guy knows?, backlash2, Aug-05-04 05:22 PM, #23
      Hurricane Electric, Praxxus, Aug-05-04 05:29 PM, #24
      Perhaps this guy knows too, backlash2, Aug-05-04 05:48 PM, #25
RE: Freerepublic/Swiftboat connection?, RatTerrier, Aug-05-04 08:57 PM, #31
Hi Rat. This is blm., bushlvsmoonies, Aug-06-04 05:15 AM, #33
The D-Bunker . . ., Praxxus, Aug-06-04 07:46 AM, #35
Thanks!... and Welcome... Backlash2 has over 630 views!..., monkeyfister, Aug-06-04 10:52 AM, #37
thanks backlash, Atrios, Aug-06-04 05:28 AM, #34
Hey, backlash2, Atrios, Aug-06-04 01:33 PM, #38
RE: Hey, backlash2, backlash2, Aug-06-04 05:07 PM, #41
      Is this him also?, Cherri, Aug-06-04 08:25 PM, #42
YEA!!! I got view number 1000!!! What do I win? :-) n/t, intoxicus, Aug-06-04 02:46 PM, #40
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