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Subject: "Bush's personnel director married to Talon board member" This topic is ARCHIVED.
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samelaMon Feb-14-05 02:00 PM
Member since Apr 25th 2002
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"Bush's personnel director married to Talon board member"


Information via a thread at DU, and it seems to check out.

Quick google shows.... Dina Powell is only 31 years old ... and responsible for hiring some 4,000 jobs.:


In Dina Powell's nicely appointed West Wing office there are two boxes.

One is silver, intricately crafted, and sits atop a table. She will let you admire it and readily talk about how she bought it on a return visit to Cairo, where she was born to middle-class Egyptians who came to Dallas for a better life.

White House personnel chief Dina Powell with the president and vice president in the Oval Office. (Paul Morse -- The White House)

The other, sturdy and squat, sits on the floor. She won't say much about it, except to laugh and allow "it can come in handy." It is a safe, for locking up files.

Powell is the president's headhunter, charged with filling hundreds of jobs in the next several weeks -- ambassadors, Cabinet heads, undersecretaries, commissioners. She is the soul of discretion. What's in the safe? Forget it.

Those new people tramping the corridors of federal power will have left some part of themselves with Powell, who at 31 is the youngest person ever to direct the presidential personnel office and its roughly 35 employees.


About this, Powell will say only that she meets with the president "regularly." In this disciplined White House, there are usually only four people, outside the legal vetters, who know which people have gotten the nod -- Bush, Vice President Cheney, political adviser Karl Rove and Powell. Asked if Powell simply prepares the paperwork or actually makes recommendations on hiring, Office of Management and Budget director Josh Bolten says, "Both."


Powell, who is married to public affairs executive Richard Powell, and has a 3-year-old daughter, always seems to have been mature beyond her years. She worked her way through the University of Texas by serving as a full-time legislative assistant to a state senator. After graduation, she took an internship with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.), intending to go on to law school. Instead, she moved over to work in the office of fellow Texan Dick Armey, then the House majority leader. "We immediately recognized her brains and her ability," says Armey, "and then her charm, and finally, I think somebody noticed she was gorgeous, too."

A Richard Powell is indeed on the board of directos of "Talon News"


Board member Richard Powell "brings a wealth of political and business experience to ... Richard also consults privately for political candidates and policymakers, helping them develop their education message and K-16 education reform policy initiatives. He is a former policy advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry, and is active in national, state and local political and civic causes."

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie,
deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth,
persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
John F. Kennedy


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Bush's personnel director married to Talon board member [View all] , samela, Mon Feb-14-05 02:00 PM
Oh, my!, Antidolt, Feb-14-05 02:08 PM, #1
Oh, I'm sure it's just a coincidence, samela, Feb-14-05 02:19 PM, #2
Indeed closer and closer to the offal office sort of like..., monkeyfister, Feb-14-05 03:35 PM, #3
Oh, and I almost hadn't noticed the connection ..., samela, Feb-14-05 03:42 PM, #4
Samela, I've already Plotzed for the both of us and then some...n/t, monkeyfister, Feb-14-05 04:32 PM, #5
RE: Bush's personnel director married to Talon board member, bst, Mar-14-05 12:55 PM, #6
I remember a very gushing NYT profile of her. Sex&City meets, Bushknew, Mar-14-05 04:01 PM, #7
      RE: The connection with the Talon Powell was debunked, felix19, Mar-14-05 04:44 PM, #8
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