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Subject: "Tom Ridge Admits He Was Pressured Into Terror Alert..." First topic | Last topic
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patr1000Thu Aug-20-09 08:31 AM
Member since May 14th 2002
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"Tom Ridge Admits He Was Pressured Into Terror Alert..."


Tom Ridge, in his new autobiography, wrote that he was pressured into raising the terror color alert the day before Bush's re-election both by Bush and Cheney. He now admits the alert was staged and entirely politically motivated.

When are we going to hold these jerks accountable?

The entire BFEE standing before Hague.
Pipe dream or possibility? YOU decide...


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Tom Ridge Admits He Was Pressured Into Terror Alert... [View all] , patr1000, Thu Aug-20-09 08:31 AM
Ah the old color codes. I'd forgotten them., jimmymac, Aug-20-09 08:42 AM, #1
Linky, please? NT, Zomar, Aug-20-09 08:53 AM, #2
Sorry, No Link..., patr1000, Aug-20-09 09:17 AM, #3
Hic est nexus, secondharmonic, Aug-20-09 10:08 AM, #5
Does this count?, go3, Aug-20-09 11:01 AM, #7
      Another Link Just Came Out, Too..., patr1000, Aug-20-09 12:11 PM, #8
Marc Ambinder, wanker of the day, secondharmonic, Aug-20-09 10:05 AM, #4
Atrios again, secondharmonic, Aug-20-09 10:13 AM, #6
      Kent Brockman called this years ago nt, skippy, Aug-20-09 08:58 PM, #9
      Rummy Denies It However Olbermann Flashed Back..., patr1000, Aug-21-09 05:44 AM, #10
Not surprised, RussBLib, Aug-21-09 06:40 AM, #11
      It does feel better knowing our instincts were right nt, jimmymac, Aug-21-09 07:53 AM, #12
      Well..In the Media's Defense..., patr1000, Aug-21-09 08:11 AM, #13
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