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Subject: "Not exactly what I asked" First topic | Last topic
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secondharmonicSat Feb-18-12 10:39 AM
Member since Apr 30th 2002
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"Not exactly what I asked"
In response to Reply #19


here, you seem to like wiki:

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability. An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. The term abortion most commonly refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy.

Thus, devices which prevent implantation are NOT abortifacients. Such as IUDs. Zygotes are usually formed still in the Fallopian tubes, defined not to be 'the uterus' per se'. Hence also German usage 'Abtreibung' (driving forth ...).
Only if a fertilized egg, as a not-yet-implanted zygote is a human being can it be considered murder. Before science knew such details, there was no problem letting women stick little loops up their cervixes and whatnot. Not even the Jewish elders cared, nor christian prelates, and there was no special penalty for beating your wife unless she was gravid i.e. clearly had a developing fetus in her uterus as noticeable from the swelling of her belly, and/or as ascertainable as a child when passed out in her flows.


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We must stand up for 'separation' [View all] , Grannyc, Thu Feb-09-12 03:02 PM
I'm probably going to be in trouble, Grannyc, Feb-09-12 03:18 PM, #1
Protecting the LIFE of the 'pre-conceived', Grannyc, Feb-09-12 04:04 PM, #4
      Please Excuse My Crude Wording..., patr1000, Feb-11-12 06:36 AM, #13
           depositing semen anywhere but in a vagina is crime against child, Grannyc, Feb-11-12 12:37 PM, #16
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Interesting thoughts, Moon Dragon, Feb-09-12 03:18 PM, #2
Very Interesting thoughts, Grannyc, Feb-09-12 04:02 PM, #3
Precisely, and since when is it that birth control==abortion?, secondharmonic, Feb-10-12 05:52 AM, #5
Basically what Moon dragon said, secondharmonic, Feb-10-12 05:58 AM, #6
And for the ultimate, or close to it, Moon Dragon, Feb-10-12 07:59 AM, #7
Personhood for the PRE-conceived., Grannyc, Feb-10-12 10:37 AM, #8
RE: Precisely, and since when is it that birth control==abortion?, zenferret, Feb-14-12 05:43 PM, #19
      Not exactly what I asked, secondharmonic, Feb-18-12 10:39 AM #20
Saying a fertilized egg is a human being is the same as, BusterM, Feb-10-12 11:00 AM, #9
They are saying-The UN-FERTILIZED egg is to be left unprotected, Grannyc, Feb-10-12 03:05 PM, #10
Now the media is worried about the corporate insurers.. LOL , Grannyc, Feb-10-12 06:16 PM, #11
      Single payer would solve this whole mess., BusterM, Feb-10-12 10:12 PM, #12
      The reason wymmin pay more in health insurance , secondharmonic, Feb-11-12 06:55 AM, #14
           RE: The reason wymmin pay more in health insurance , Grayfox, Feb-11-12 07:55 AM, #15
           Yes...I Heard They Are Legalizing Rape..., patr1000, Feb-18-12 02:40 PM, #21
                It is the same thing. nt, BusterM, Feb-22-12 05:13 PM, #22
           RE: The reason wymmin pay more in health insurance , BusterM, Feb-12-12 10:30 AM, #18
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