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Subject: "This week the chickens came home to roost. " First topic | Last topic
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DavidLindSat Jul-22-17 08:56 AM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"This week the chickens came home to roost. "
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Edited on Sat Jul-22-17 08:57 AM by DavidLind


A lady from Australia got shot for being Australian. She comes from a normal country. She didn't know it was wrong to startle trigger happy US cops who are wound up tighter than a two dollar wristwatch.

OJ got to smell free air again. The poor put upon lad. If it weren't for a really fucked up jury in LA, he would be doing heavy time for murder. It wasn't that Johnny Cochran was some brilliant lawyer. No,it was a fucked up jury. The equal of the Medgar Evers jury who turned his murderer free.

And now thanks to body cams we get to see where the rubber meets the road. Cops will figure out a way around body cams.


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In the mood for something disgusting? [View all] , MadSatyrist, Thu Jul-20-17 02:51 PM
RE: In the mood for something disgusting?, Grayfox2, Jul-21-17 05:25 AM, #1
It may also be a reflection of the modern workplace. , DavidLind, Jul-23-17 08:40 PM, #4
RE: In the mood for something disgusting?, freemars2258, Jul-22-17 04:12 AM, #2
This week the chickens came home to roost. , DavidLind, Jul-22-17 08:56 AM #3
      Body cams will just start being on 24/7, MadSatyrist, Jul-24-17 02:34 PM, #5
           Maybe we will eventually get better cops because of body cams. , DavidLind, Jul-24-17 07:07 PM, #6
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