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Subject: "Body cams will just start being on 24/7" First topic | Last topic
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MadSatyristMon Jul-24-17 02:34 PM
Member since May 14th 2002
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"Body cams will just start being on 24/7"
In response to Reply #3


I work with a guy who was part of the first body cam experiment in the country. These had constant GPS as well as camera capabilities.

A woman's sister came into the station and HAD A FIT because she said this particular investigator (detective) was with her sister and wanted her to go back to prostitution. She'd been in jail and had gotten out, and this guy was with her "right now".

So they go to my friend and check the guys position and damned if he isn't in that apartment building. So they start looking at the camera data, and did they ever get an eyeful.

And he got discharged. Quickly. Plus some kind of charge for solicitation or something - the DA was NOT amused at all.


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It may also be a reflection of the modern workplace. , DavidLind, Jul-23-17 08:40 PM, #4
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This week the chickens came home to roost. , DavidLind, Jul-22-17 08:56 AM, #3
      Body cams will just start being on 24/7, MadSatyrist, Jul-24-17 02:34 PM #5
           Maybe we will eventually get better cops because of body cams. , DavidLind, Jul-24-17 07:07 PM, #6
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