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Subject: "Democrats should take a cue from LBJ." First topic | Last topic
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DavidLindWed Aug-16-17 02:34 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Democrats should take a cue from LBJ."
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The day before the Kennedy/Nixon election, LBJ was in Dallas doing last minute campaigning. At his hotel a large anti Kennedy/Catholic crowd had gathered to make their opinions known. LBJ waited until the press got there, then he told the hotel to let the protesters and the press in the lobby.

That's when he made his move. LBJ, Ladybird and Johnson's staff came down to the lobby to make their exit. Instead of a 20 second stroll across the hotel lobby, LBJ and Ladybird meandered through the lobby for about 20 minutes. Making sure that news crews got plenty of good film footage of the US Senate majority leader and his wife being shouted down by a bunch of wild eyed bigots. Kennedy/Johnson took Texas and squeaked by the rest of the country.


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David Duke is happy. The Nazis are almost happy., DavidLind, Aug-16-17 07:55 AM, #2
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      Democrats should take a cue from LBJ., DavidLind, Aug-16-17 02:34 PM #4
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