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Subject: "yup! Trump is planning to give our roads and highways to for profit companies" First topic | Last topic
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GrannycSun Aug-20-17 04:18 PM
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"yup! Trump is planning to give our roads and highways to for profit c..."
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Edited on Sun Aug-20-17 04:20 PM by Grannyc


Toll Lanes and Toll Bridges on those structures we paid for a long time ago and continue to pay for maintenance that isn't getting done. The tolls will go into the pockets of those hedge Fund operators -- who manage to "win" the contract, with the biggest bribe to those in power.

Anaheim does this on a "small" scale for every Corporate Lobbyist that visits our city council.

We lease the parking areas to Disney for $1.00 a year. Yup! The city owns the land beneath the blacktop. Disney now charges $20.00 for a couple of hours parking. In 2037 we (the city) are going to actually deed the ground to them. I wonder if we will waive the property taxes.

The new hotel owners get to keep the 11% Bed Tax that the city collects on room rental. Currently for the next 20 years. Why? Well you wouldn't want them to move to another city. LOL


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Looting [View all] , Grayfox2, Sat Aug-19-17 06:29 AM
If we impeached Trump and Pence today, we would get Ryan. , DavidLind, Aug-19-17 11:46 AM, #1
      yup! Trump is planning to give our roads and highways to for profit c..., Grannyc, Aug-20-17 04:18 PM #2
           There may be laws in place to counteract. , DavidLind, Aug-20-17 11:10 PM, #3
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