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Subject: "Some areas of concern. " First topic | Last topic
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DavidLindMon Aug-28-17 08:11 AM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Some areas of concern. "
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Barker Cypress Reservoir. They are releasing water on either side of the reservoir to relieve pressure on the levee walls. It's an Army Corps of Engineers structure but it's old. If those levees break, it will be a Katrina sized disaster. Same for Addicks Reservoir.

The Brazos River has not crested yet and they are giving a mandatory evacuation order for those affected people. The Guadalupe River in Victoria, Texas is going to be an issue also.

There are a lot of good hearted guys with boats showing up all over. Some of the places they are putting their boats in may not go very far though. Their is no flood map that I know of. Google Earth may be helpful now if the pictures are current.

I just talked with my sister and she is doing fine. Trapped, but high and dry. The rescue boats know where they are.

I just wish this damn rain would stop.


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I'm getting kind of concerned about flooding now. [View all] , DavidLind, Sat Aug-26-17 09:39 PM
My sister now has water in her house. , DavidLind, Aug-27-17 06:03 AM, #1
The President actually sounded presidential. That's news. , DavidLind, Aug-27-17 06:15 AM, #2
National Guard on their way into Houston. , DavidLind, Aug-27-17 10:09 AM, #3
RE: National Guard on their way into Houston. , Grayfox2, Aug-27-17 01:24 PM, #4
      I really can't see blaming Mayor Turner. , DavidLind, Aug-27-17 01:51 PM, #5
A year's worth of rain in a couple of days. Maybe 50 inches. , DavidLind, Aug-27-17 03:35 PM, #6
Dry air from west Texas might save the day. , DavidLind, Aug-27-17 07:19 PM, #7
RE: Dry air from west Texas might save the day. , Grayfox2, Aug-28-17 05:08 AM, #8
      I am currently fine. Thanks for asking. , DavidLind, Aug-28-17 05:43 AM, #9
Some areas of concern. , DavidLind, Aug-28-17 08:11 AM #10
RE: Some areas of concern. , Grayfox2, Aug-28-17 08:24 AM, #11
      Not much else to do. , DavidLind, Aug-28-17 09:31 AM, #13
Mayor Turner is a good leader for this city's people. , DavidLind, Aug-28-17 08:31 AM, #12
I made into a grocery store., DavidLind, Aug-28-17 12:59 PM, #14
Yeow!! Ponderosa Forest got hit hard. , DavidLind, Aug-28-17 01:38 PM, #15
RE: Yeow!! Ponderosa Forest got hit hard. , MadSatyrist, Aug-29-17 04:43 AM, #16
      Thank you. The rain is finally letting up. Thank God. , DavidLind, Aug-29-17 06:54 AM, #17
No it wasn't Katrina. ....not yet. , DavidLind, Aug-30-17 06:34 PM, #18
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