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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "Does Hillary Owe Us An Apology? " First topic | Last topic
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BuzzcookThu Aug-31-17 09:39 AM
Member since Apr 23rd 2002
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"Does Hillary Owe Us An Apology? "


The reliable Gene Lyons reminds use that the media sucks.

"From Whitewater through Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and her accursed emails, it became a familiar pattern. Hillary Clinton was arrogant, corrupt, deceptive-essentially a brass-plated bitch. Each time the actual evidence revealed no real crime, her detractors simply moved on to the next damned thing. It was like something out of Lord of the Flies.

"Lock her up," crowds chanted, although that was never going to happen.

Sorry to say, but among Hillary's most ardent detractors were certain of the MSNBC All-Stars and New York Times columnists currently rending their garments over the misbegotten presidency of Donald Trump. I've yet to notice even one acknowledge his or her role in the ritual stoning."

An honest Republican?


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Does Hillary Owe Us An Apology? [View all] , Buzzcook, Thu Aug-31-17 09:39 AM
RE: Does Hillary Owe Us An Apology? , Grayfox2, Aug-31-17 11:10 AM, #1
No! The Talking Heads Owe us an Apology, zorch, Aug-31-17 01:19 PM, #2
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