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Subject: "nobody noticed?" First topic | Last topic
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trifectaboyFri Sep-15-17 06:24 AM
Member since May 24th 2002
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"nobody noticed?"
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my family sure found a lot of wild-a55ed crap to spam my timeline with, for nobody noticed. Or did you mean nobody in DC noticed?


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Democrats [View all] , Grayfox2, Fri Sep-15-17 05:58 AM
nobody noticed?, trifectaboy, Sep-15-17 06:24 AM #1
      RE: nobody noticed?, Grayfox2, Sep-15-17 07:14 AM, #2
           And since when did Archie Bunker turn into a commie pinko?!?, DavidLind, Sep-16-17 01:46 PM, #3
                That is the part that frustrates me., Grannyc, Sep-16-17 07:19 PM, #4
                     And now that Trump is friendly with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer, a lot of..., DavidLind, Sep-17-17 06:52 AM, #5
                     Hi Granny, MadSatyrist, Sep-19-17 03:36 AM, #6
                          Interesting, Grannyc, Sep-19-17 11:50 AM, #7
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