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Subject: "That is the part that frustrates me." First topic | Last topic
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GrannycSat Sep-16-17 08:19 PM
Member since Apr 27th 2002
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"That is the part that frustrates me."
In response to Reply #3


The "liberals, progressive, socialist, communists" are the most hated, by the 'right'.

Yet! They jump right in to supporting the 'communists' when they think 'communism' will benefit their AUTHORATIAN way of government.

All the while they scream for "less government"...

Do I sound confused?


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Democrats [View all] , Grayfox2, Fri Sep-15-17 06:58 AM
nobody noticed?, trifectaboy, Sep-15-17 07:24 AM, #1
      RE: nobody noticed?, Grayfox2, Sep-15-17 08:14 AM, #2
           And since when did Archie Bunker turn into a commie pinko?!?, DavidLind, Sep-16-17 02:46 PM, #3
                That is the part that frustrates me., Grannyc, Sep-16-17 08:19 PM #4
                     And now that Trump is friendly with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer, a lot of..., DavidLind, Sep-17-17 07:52 AM, #5
                     Hi Granny, MadSatyrist, Sep-19-17 04:36 AM, #6
                          Interesting, Grannyc, Sep-19-17 12:50 PM, #7
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