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Subject: "He won $40K on one slot machine. " First topic | Last topic
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DavidLindTue Oct-03-17 04:41 PM
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"He won $40K on one slot machine. "
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Edited on Tue Oct-03-17 06:21 PM by DavidLind


While some of the reports centered around "suspicious activity," most were "currency transaction reports," which casinos are required to file with the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network when a person withdraws or deposits more than $10,000 in cash.
The number of reports prompted by Paddock's activities reflects -- at the very least -- how routine it was for him to gamble with large sums of money.

In one case, Paddock recently won $40,000 on a slot machine, his brother, Eric Paddock, told The Associated Press.
Apparently, the scam is a team thing. Using a cell phone and hacked information from Russian mafia. A player goes up to a particular slot machine and plays a few hands. Those hands are recorded by cell and sent back to headquarters for analysis. The player stops playing for a while until the analysis is completed. Then he goes back to that machine with the hq computer knowing when the slot will deal a winning hand. The player then bets his ass off on the winning hands. Then the player leaves the machine to let it cool off.

It was an Australian made slot machine that Russian crooks were able to crack.

It's all speculation on my part, but if true, this is another black mark against the Ruskies.


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      The hours spent in front of a cathode ray tube ain't healthy either. , DavidLind, Oct-04-17 09:50 PM, #19
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