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Subject: "Update on Brad Powers ( my relative shot in Vegas)" First topic | Last topic
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GrannycFri Oct-13-17 12:43 PM
Member since Apr 27th 2002
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"Update on Brad Powers ( my relative shot in Vegas)"


From his mom

"White cell blood count (WBC) count still 21 thousand.... can't find source. With PT's help he can take about 10 steps, sitting up in reclining chair, goal is till 1:30= hour n half. Still waiting for consulting groups looking at CT scan. He's feisty, but that's a good thing. Thanks to everyone for their support .... still listed as critical/stable."

The injuries were abdominal. bullets entered from behind, pierced some intestines and other organs. went through the body and hit his Sheriff's badge (which was in his front pocket) The badge turned to shrapnel and pierced many parts of his external reproductive organs. He is in a lot of pain -- still.


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Update on Brad Powers ( my relative shot in Vegas) [View all] , Grannyc, Fri Oct-13-17 12:43 PM
I'm sorry he's in pain. Glad to hear he is progressing. , DavidLind, Oct-13-17 07:06 PM, #1
I wonder if the shooter was actually dying of an incurable, Grannyc, Oct-13-17 08:47 PM, #2
      I think his autopsy has already come back clear. , DavidLind, Oct-14-17 02:13 AM, #3
           There's a reason why we want there to be a "reason"., MadSatyrist, Oct-14-17 06:11 AM, #5
                Thank you for the Star Trek reference. , DavidLind, Oct-14-17 06:37 AM, #6
RE: Update on Brad Powers ( my relative shot in Vegas), MadSatyrist, Oct-14-17 05:51 AM, #4
New update - Sunday - It's looking good!, Grannyc, Oct-15-17 12:44 PM, #7
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