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Subject: "I'm sorry he's in pain. Glad to hear he is progressing. " Previous topic | Next topic
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DavidLindFri Oct-13-17 07:06 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"I'm sorry he's in pain. Glad to hear he is progressing. "
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From the pictures I've seen of Brad, he looks to be stocky and robust. I'm sure those qualities helped him survive this senseless carnage.

I'm still trying to figure out what set the shooter off. I've speculated about cheating at slots, but I haven't heard any new news in that regard. One thing I've noticed about Paddock from his pictures is that it looks like he really had bags under his eyes. He played various video poker machines to the extreme, for hours on end. And he was heard to remark, "I don't do sunshine. "(doesn't go outdoors).

I have a vitamin D deficiency that I'm trying to correct. Part of that is getting exposed to sunshine(vitamin D). Vitamin D is very important to the body.

Keep the faith grannyc.


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Update on Brad Powers ( my relative shot in Vegas) [View all] , Grannyc, Fri Oct-13-17 12:43 PM
I'm sorry he's in pain. Glad to hear he is progressing. , DavidLind, Oct-13-17 07:06 PM #1
I wonder if the shooter was actually dying of an incurable, Grannyc, Oct-13-17 08:47 PM, #2
      I think his autopsy has already come back clear. , DavidLind, Oct-14-17 02:13 AM, #3
           There's a reason why we want there to be a "reason"., MadSatyrist, Oct-14-17 06:11 AM, #5
                Thank you for the Star Trek reference. , DavidLind, Oct-14-17 06:37 AM, #6
RE: Update on Brad Powers ( my relative shot in Vegas), MadSatyrist, Oct-14-17 05:51 AM, #4
New update - Sunday - It's looking good!, Grannyc, Oct-15-17 12:44 PM, #7
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