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Subject: "First a note from Brad's wife " First topic | Last topic
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GrannycMon Oct-16-17 12:33 PM
Member since Apr 27th 2002
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"First a note from Brad's wife "


"Why you and why not me? For those that don't know my Husband without a doubt saved my life the night of the shooting. His surgeons made it very clear he took the bullet for me and if it had hit me instead I would not be here. To comprehend that is something way far beyond anything I can. He will forever be my Hero and my kids will know what their Dad did that night. Yelling for people to get down and to hide, running to the aid of a helpless girl seconds before he was shot and assessing a woman who is now our forever friend in the back of a pick up truck that we rode in to the hospital and yelling for everyone to help her first. He is my Hero. Never giving up. Fighting with every fiber in his body. In his words "Will to Survive". I know now all those years of training and countless nights away from his family taught him that "will to survive"."

Brad Powers (San Bernardino Sherriff's Department)


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First a note from Brad's wife [View all] , Grannyc, Mon Oct-16-17 12:33 PM
Then yesterday's update from Brad's mom, , Grannyc, Oct-16-17 12:35 PM, #1
RE: Then yesterday's update from Brad's mom, , Grayfox2, Oct-16-17 01:36 PM, #2
RE: Then yesterday's update from Brad's mom, , MadSatyrist, Oct-19-17 02:27 AM, #4
It sounds like he's surrounded by the right and good people. , DavidLind, Oct-16-17 07:55 PM, #3
Brad has left LV and transferred to Loma Linda Hospital, Grannyc, Oct-19-17 03:56 PM, #5
      Thank God he is alive. But he will always carry a scar. , DavidLind, Oct-19-17 10:46 PM, #6
Brad is at Loma Linda in San Bernardino, Grannyc, Oct-26-17 07:06 PM, #7
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