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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "And the wingnuts are thrilled with it!" First topic | Last topic
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MadSatyristThu Oct-19-17 01:29 AM
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"And the wingnuts are thrilled with it!"
In response to Reply #1


Crazy, isn't it?

I have to say, in a sense, I'm grateful to Trump. He's ripped the cover off this festering mess of maggots, and now if you vote Republican, you know exactly what you are getting.

They can't hide it any longer.


Delusions, errors and lies are like huge, gaudy vessels, the rafters of which are rotten and worm-eaten, and those who embark in them are fated to be shipwrecked. Buddha


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Shame [View all] , Grayfox2, Tue Oct-17-17 08:17 AM
Obama was always so studied and careful before he spoke. , DavidLind, Oct-17-17 07:34 PM, #1
      And the wingnuts are thrilled with it!, MadSatyrist, Oct-19-17 01:29 AM #2
           Yes. I think he has done democrats a favor. , DavidLind, Oct-19-17 08:32 PM, #3
                Well, to an extent yes., MadSatyrist, Oct-21-17 07:12 AM, #4
                     "...our discourse degraded by casual cruelty."- W. Bush., DavidLind, Oct-22-17 08:38 AM, #5
                          NK has a ridiculously large army, MadSatyrist, Oct-28-17 07:08 AM, #6
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