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Subject: "Yes. I think he has done democrats a favor. " First topic | Last topic
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DavidLindThu Oct-19-17 08:32 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Yes. I think he has done democrats a favor. "
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He's ratcheted things all the way over but the wingnuts think they are smack dab in the middle. And they aren't by far.

I still maintain that he is nothing but a cheap con man only concerned with campaign donations. And I think that my fellow liberals allow this cheap con man to yank their chain. W is still a worse president.


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Shame [View all] , Grayfox2, Tue Oct-17-17 08:17 AM
Obama was always so studied and careful before he spoke. , DavidLind, Oct-17-17 07:34 PM, #1
      And the wingnuts are thrilled with it!, MadSatyrist, Oct-19-17 01:29 AM, #2
           Yes. I think he has done democrats a favor. , DavidLind, Oct-19-17 08:32 PM #3
                Well, to an extent yes., MadSatyrist, Oct-21-17 07:12 AM, #4
                     "...our discourse degraded by casual cruelty."- W. Bush., DavidLind, Oct-22-17 08:38 AM, #5
                          NK has a ridiculously large army, MadSatyrist, Oct-28-17 07:08 AM, #6
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