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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "Getting rid of....." First topic | Last topic
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Grayfox2Tue Oct-31-17 10:12 AM
Member since Nov 07th 2012
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"Getting rid of....."


A lot of people seem to think trump is on his way out after the latest indictments, but I think it too early for him to go. He needs to stay around up until Nov 18 elections or people will think everything is back to normal. With the group of crazy republicans in congress nothing will ever be normal.


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Getting rid of..... [View all] , Grayfox2, Tue Oct-31-17 10:12 AM
A non believer is safer than a true believer. Trump is the former. , DavidLind, Oct-31-17 11:41 AM, #1
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