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Subject: "Say it ain't so Joe" Previous topic | Next topic
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BuzzcookMon Nov-13-17 07:51 PM
Member since Apr 23rd 2002
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"Say it ain't so Joe"
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I liked Biden before the Clarence Thomas hearings. Since then nothing he has done has rehabilitated him in my opinion.

Joe has a strange ability to say things thst sound real good and then do things that are just shit.
Besides the Thomas fiasco he was big on bankruptcy reform that screwed the working class and made it easier for financial industries to get away with usury.

An honest Republican?


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Joe Biden might run in 2020. [View all] , DavidLind, Mon Nov-13-17 08:56 AM
RE: Joe Biden might run in 2020., Grayfox2, Nov-13-17 09:40 AM, #1
We're way better off than the party of the Orange Orangutan., DavidLind, Nov-13-17 01:44 PM, #2
Say it ain't so Joe, Buzzcook, Nov-13-17 07:51 PM #3
When a Senator looks in the mirror he sees a president looking back., DavidLind, Nov-14-17 04:38 PM, #4
RE: Say it ain't so Joe, skywalker77, Nov-14-17 08:47 PM, #5
I'd prefer Seth Moulton. (NT), MadSatyrist, Nov-15-17 02:49 AM, #6
This sounds like horsesh*t about Al Franken. , DavidLind, Nov-16-17 07:35 PM, #7
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