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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "CONSUMER Financial PROTECTION Bureau " Previous topic | Next topic
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GrannycMon Nov-27-17 08:35 PM
Member since Apr 27th 2002
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It is the first place the money launderers need to disarm, or there will be less money to launder.

You see, the entire Russian and other country's Oligarchs' interference in our US election was to stop the Justice Department from going to trial on this case. \ (interesting how the story links have been pulled from the article. The stories AT those links was my first reading of this oligarch money laundering connection, to our election)

The wealth is siphoned, from the labors and excessive fees given by the poor, up to a higher level. Wherein the holders start to invest that siphoned wealth. Then the oligarchs jump in and destroy those investments, for the masses. The oligarchs win once more. On UP the money goes. To the richest of the rich. To be LAUNDERED through Real Estate and other commodities. To never be taxed or re-enter the circle at the lowest level of the economic system.

The Oligarchs want to stop any interference with their money laundering and wealth accumulation. They are attempting to do so by shutting down our existing government watchdogs. They worked hard, to get those beholden to them put into Federal Offices. To many oligarchs think they win, when they have it all and the rest of humanity is broken

Too many current oligarchs do not realize, that when the least amongst us is broken -- there will be no labors and fees to keep the economic circle turning.


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