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Subject: "The Oligarchs at work " Previous topic | Next topic
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GrannycMon Nov-27-17 10:41 PM
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"The Oligarchs at work "
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The oligarchs at work

Dick DeVos - To be certain DeVos comes to her world view honestly. Betsyˇ¦s husband, Dick DeVos, for instance, has pushed for creationism to be taught in schools. Her late father, Edgar Prince, helped start the fundamentalist Family Research Council, a known anti-LGBT, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, hate group. And her mother Elsa Prince, also an extreme fundamentalist
„« <

Richard DeVos & family
Richard DeVos & family on Forbes. ... Real Time Net Worth ˇX as of 11/27/17. $5.3 B. Richard DeVos is the cofounder of direct-selling giant Amway. He and his ... <

They have moved right in to be the most powerful family in the world. Eric Prince is in charge of coordinating our Private Military (while reaping the profits)ˇK His sister, Betsy DeVos is in charge of our nationˇ¦s PUBLIC Education, which she wants to move our tax dollars to ˇĄprivateˇ¦ PROFITABLE Education.

It appears that entire DeVos/Prince circle wants to shut down net neutrality and available education. Then they will make greater profits from WAR.


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The Oligarchs at work , Grannyc, Nov-27-17 10:41 PM #1
      Our U.S. democracy is the oldest and the most vulnerable. , DavidLind, Nov-28-17 01:20 AM, #2
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