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Subject: "Ina speach he gave this afternoon" Previous topic | Next topic
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GrannycThu Nov-30-17 01:15 AM
Member since Apr 27th 2002
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"Ina speach he gave this afternoon"
In response to Reply #2


He said:

"Of course we lie. That is how we keep the media honest. They are patting themselves on the back for just doing their job."

Then he went on to post video of the past several months of sending folks to Post functions, to video everything they could.


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The job of lying a**hole pays $235,000 per year. , DavidLind, Nov-29-17 06:57 PM, #2
      Ina speach he gave this afternoon, Grannyc, Nov-30-17 01:15 AM #3
           It's beyond astroturfing. It's out and out cloak and dagger spying. , DavidLind, Nov-30-17 02:10 AM, #4
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                Remember the pimp and ho' costumes employed by O'Keefe?, DavidLind, Dec-01-17 12:28 AM, #7
                The Government is using veritas' videos in court against accused, Grannyc, Nov-30-17 01:33 PM, #6
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