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Grayfox2Tue Nov-28-17 03:35 PM
Member since Nov 07th 2012
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"Tax bill"


From what I am currently reading on TPM and Rawstory looks like the fix is in on the tax bill. Apparently stuff in the bill to please possible holdouts is doing away with the individual mandate from the health care bill, drilling in the Artic to please the Alaska senator and who knows what else the repugs are adding. Some people are worried about shutting down the government if there is no agreement to fund the govt before the end of the year. Probably doesn't make much difference whether they do or not as there is not much govt worth saving at this point
Just wish the special prosecutor would go ahead and do his thing soon so we don't have to look at the artificial ass hole masquerading as president any longer.


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Tax bill [View all] , Grayfox2, Tue Nov-28-17 03:35 PM
RE: Tax bill -- includes personhood to fetus, Grannyc, Nov-28-17 05:27 PM, #1
      RE: Tax bill -- includes personhood to fetus, Grayfox2, Nov-29-17 07:58 AM, #2
           It's the donors., MadSatyrist, Nov-30-17 06:02 PM, #3
                I hope the rest of the country sees it that way. , DavidLind, Dec-02-17 08:49 AM, #4
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