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Grayfox2Fri Dec-15-17 10:35 AM
Member since Nov 07th 2012
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I will say right up front that I don't beleive in any religion as man doesn't have any more standing on this earth than an insect or animal as we all could be wiped out by an asteriod. What got me started on this diatribe was an artical in the Wash Post this morning about 80% of evangelicals supported con man/crook Trump. I suppose they do this as rather than persuade people to join their way of thinking is to do it by governmental force. It appears most of the leaders of these people are just like Trump, con men. They all have become quite wealthy preying on the weakiness of others.
Some time ago a young clerk in our office told me she sent 10% of her earnings to Jerry Falwell. Others in the office that overheard her comment joined me in trying to explain she was donating her money to a con man, but it didn't do any good, she was hooked.


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