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Subject: "A con man versus a true believer. " Previous topic | Next topic
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DavidLindFri Dec-15-17 06:25 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"A con man versus a true believer. "
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I don't like our government being run by a con man. Things are liable to be haphazard. Like they are. But the Con Man in Chief is preferable to the true believer like George W. Bush.

Remember the dominionists? From what I remember they were pretty cray cray. One of the things they believed was that if you believed in a thing no matter how ludicrous or impossible it was, if you just believed strongly enough, it was true.

In his heart of hearts, Trump may have little regard for the people surrounding him or the platitudes from the campaign trail. But he damn sure better keep it to himself. The same way Adolph Hitler had better not discuss his Jewish heritage with his Nazi buddies over lunch.

At this moment in time, if the tax bill can be derailed, the Trump presidency may be almost bearable. Our environment is getting trashed. But if we can keep republican hands off the controls of government mostly, we can ride this out to 2020.

I really believe that Trump views W Bush as a failure of a president because of the boneheaded invasion of Iraq. And he doesn't want to go down that path.


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