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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "I think I have figured out what they are doing." Previous topic | Next topic
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MadSatyristMon Dec-25-17 03:15 AM
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"I think I have figured out what they are doing."
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It's not about Mueller or the FBI.

Let's talk political reality for a moment.

The GOP leadership all around knows Trump is crooked and that most of their candidates are stupid as a brick. If you needed an absolute demonstration that connections and luck play far more into getting rich than brains, you'd need to look no further than Rick Perry. Yeah, the doofus who didn't even know the main job of the DOE, but wanted to abolish it anyhow.

When the "responsible" member of your dream team is that ignorant of what his basic homework should be, it rather says something, doesn't it?

So the leadership knows that the Trump campaign broke laws all over the place, BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T KNOW OR CARE WHAT THE LAW WAS! They weren't that smart and didn't care anyhow.

This incompetence is on huge display all over the USA now. The Republican Party is shown to be utterly incompetent and unfit to govern, top to bottom.

So whatta do about THAT? Especially since their guy may well be indicted in federal court in a couple of months. AND their pet VP, Pence.

Their fear is that the Democratic Party may well not only take the midterms, but sweep the board utterly.

They've got to energize the base totally to turn out to "get revenge" on Democrats.

Only way they can do that is to make them think this is all about Hillary "getting" Trump. Which is exactly what they are doing.

If Clinton gave a damn about the party (which I don't think she does) she'd go on a really long stay in Europe. A year or so.


Delusions, errors and lies are like huge, gaudy vessels, the rafters of which are rotten and worm-eaten, and those who embark in them are fated to be shipwrecked. Buddha


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I wonder that Trump may be angling to fire Mueller. [View all] , DavidLind, Wed Dec-20-17 09:11 PM
RE: I wonder that Trump may be angling to fire Mueller., Grayfox2, Dec-21-17 08:48 AM, #1
Please don't ask that question., DavidLind, Dec-21-17 02:58 PM, #2
      Mueller is pretty smart., MadSatyrist, Dec-23-17 04:12 AM, #3
           They'll have to settle for Faux Noise blowing smoke. , DavidLind, Dec-23-17 09:06 AM, #4
I think I have figured out what they are doing., MadSatyrist, Dec-25-17 03:15 AM #5
      Motivate the base to "avenge the crime"?, DavidLind, Dec-25-17 08:03 AM, #6
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