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Subject: "Two idiots with bad haircuts talking sh!t." Previous topic | Next topic
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DavidLindSun Dec-24-17 07:42 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Two idiots with bad haircuts talking sh!t."
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With a little luck, they have enough sense between them to stop short of war. But get the attention that each of them craves.

I'm not worried about North Korea nuking anybody. However if Kim Jong Un really wants to be the world's biggest asshole, he can do the barrel full of nails scenario. If it is even possible. It just requires a rocket with enough oomph and the will to be the asshole of the universe. You fire a rocket at the geosynchronous satellites in equatorial orbit with fine buckshot(nails) and wait for the results. No one hurt. But everyone with a dead cel phone will be ready to go to war. Say hello to your old friend land lines.

As far as the marines go, aren't they always ready to go to war?


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Trump has essentially announced that he wants war. [View all] , MadSatyrist, Sun Dec-24-17 07:39 AM
Two idiots with bad haircuts talking sh!t., DavidLind, Dec-24-17 07:42 PM #1
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