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Subject: "Thanks! You can plant year round??" Previous topic | Next topic
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DavidLindMon Jan-01-18 06:11 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Thanks! You can plant year round??"
In response to Reply #1


We are warm here in Houston, but it does freeze in the winter. Tonight it will get down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Plenty cold enough to kill our state bird, the mosquito. For a little while anyway. It'll probably be the coldest night of our year.

I'd like to plant some coleus and marigolds in the front as well as getting some rosemary bushes going. I like to cook with rosemary as well. Great aroma.


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Happy New Year!!! [View all] , DavidLind, Sun Dec-31-17 07:16 PM
Happy New Year!!!, Grannyc, Jan-01-18 03:20 AM, #1
Thanks! You can plant year round??, DavidLind, Jan-01-18 06:11 PM #2
      Today I will cut the rose blooms, Grannyc, Jan-02-18 01:12 PM, #6
Happy New Year!!!, MadSatyrist, Jan-02-18 02:43 AM, #3
      RE: Happy New Year!!!, Grayfox2, Jan-02-18 07:51 AM, #4
      It appears to be snowing just south of Houston on the radar., DavidLind, Jan-02-18 08:16 AM, #5
      RE: Happy New Year!!!, Grannyc, Jan-02-18 01:13 PM, #7
           RE: Happy New Year!!!, MadSatyrist, Jan-02-18 02:11 PM, #8
                Like a refugee from a war., DavidLind, Jan-02-18 02:21 PM, #9
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