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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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MadSatyristFri Jan-05-18 04:46 AM
Member since May 14th 2002
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I don't really see this dementia people keep talking about.

I see a man who has simply been spoiled rotten since birth, who has never thought deeply about anything, and who has been surrounded by yes men (and women) forever.

He watches Fox every morning, and tweets on whatever Fox has on.

That's all there is to it. He lives on adulation, and he isn't getting it from anyone but his base. I'm dead certain that Republican leaders are "managing" him by just acting like he's a genius, and then telling him he'll be a hero if he signs bill X.

I've see 10,000 just like him, they're common as dirt. If being a spoiled brat at 70 is dementia, then there's a helluva lot of demented people out running around.


Delusions, errors and lies are like huge, gaudy vessels, the rafters of which are rotten and worm-eaten, and those who embark in them are fated to be shipwrecked. Buddha


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Do you think Trump might be faking dementia? [View all] , DavidLind, Thu Jan-04-18 08:28 AM
RE: Do you think Trump might be faking dementia?, Grayfox2, Jan-04-18 10:55 AM, #1
Some of us may get what we want, but not the way we want it., DavidLind, Jan-04-18 01:20 PM, #2
No, MadSatyrist, Jan-05-18 04:46 AM #3
      RE: No, Grayfox2, Jan-05-18 08:30 AM, #4
      Be careful outside. Especially in any wind., DavidLind, Jan-05-18 05:38 PM, #5
           It is cold outside., MadSatyrist, Jan-06-18 06:56 AM, #7
      I don't really see the dementia either. Everybody is talking about it., DavidLind, Jan-05-18 05:47 PM, #6
           RE: I don't really see the dementia either. Everybody is talking about..., Grayfox2, Jan-06-18 08:58 AM, #8
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