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Subject: "A tip on Christmas." Previous topic | Next topic
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MadSatyristSat Jan-06-18 12:17 PM
Member since May 14th 2002
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"A tip on Christmas."


It's been way too cold to take down Christmas decorations, so ours got taken down today. And I tried something new.

Rita is very particular as to how the ornaments are put away, and she has about 1000 of them. So, instead of gathering a batch, walking to her, waiting for her to wrap them and going for another batch, we got two five gallon buckets. And we filled one bucket, while she packed them away from the other bucket, then switched for the empty and went on.

And we got done about two or three hours faster than we did normally.

Just a bit more efficient than all the waiting was. And she was happier, because we weren't trying to pack any of them.

Thought it was worth passing on. (And we had only one fall and break, and that's much better than last year.)


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A tip on Christmas. [View all] , MadSatyrist, Sat Jan-06-18 12:17 PM
Oh crap!! I forgot to unpack and hang the wreath!, DavidLind, Jan-07-18 06:42 PM, #1
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