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Grayfox2Tue Jan-09-18 07:35 AM
Member since Nov 07th 2012
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What do you think of Oprah for president? I am reading all kinds of comments pro and con after her speech on that awards program. Looking back in history it is some speech that launched someone into the lime light. I have mixed feelings, but the politicians in the governors offices across the country and the congress don't seem to be offering much national leadership.


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Oprah [View all] , Grayfox2, Tue Jan-09-18 07:35 AM
Let the plumber fix the sink., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 11:43 AM, #1
The GOP - who love their actors for President, Grannyc, Jan-09-18 01:12 PM, #2
Hillary scared Putin back in the Arab Spring, in 2011., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 02:28 PM, #6
Doctor Phil can be Secretary of State, Buzzcook, Jan-09-18 01:16 PM, #3
She really does have a rags to riches story. Unlike most Rs., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 01:28 PM, #4
Oprah would be a disaster., zorch, Jan-09-18 01:29 PM, #5
That's up to the primary voters., MadSatyrist, Jan-09-18 03:45 PM, #7
Celebrity politicians, MadSatyrist, Jan-09-18 03:50 PM, #8
B Clinton and B Obama will be our last presidents who >>>, Grannyc, Jan-09-18 04:10 PM, #9
Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. , DavidLind, Jan-09-18 11:29 PM, #10
      RE: Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. , Grayfox2, Jan-11-18 10:25 AM, #11
           Some bright eyed kid will come along., DavidLind, Jan-11-18 07:43 PM, #12
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