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Subject: "Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. " Previous topic | Next topic
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DavidLindTue Jan-09-18 11:29 PM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. "
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And most recently Cory Booker. Maybe Oprah did give an inspiring speech to the clamoring masses at the Golden Globes. Jesus had his Miracle of the Loaves. Maybe Oprah had a Miracle of the Martinis.

Being a good speaker is not an everyday quality. The best speaking voices at it were Winston Churchill and Barbara Jordan. Among others who I'm sure I'm overlooking. Among democrats, FDR and Kennedy stand out. B. Clinton is good, but he has no sense of time. He likes the sound of his own voice too much.

We have time to find someone.


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Oprah [View all] , Grayfox2, Tue Jan-09-18 07:35 AM
Let the plumber fix the sink., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 11:43 AM, #1
The GOP - who love their actors for President, Grannyc, Jan-09-18 01:12 PM, #2
Hillary scared Putin back in the Arab Spring, in 2011., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 02:28 PM, #6
Doctor Phil can be Secretary of State, Buzzcook, Jan-09-18 01:16 PM, #3
She really does have a rags to riches story. Unlike most Rs., DavidLind, Jan-09-18 01:28 PM, #4
Oprah would be a disaster., zorch, Jan-09-18 01:29 PM, #5
That's up to the primary voters., MadSatyrist, Jan-09-18 03:45 PM, #7
Celebrity politicians, MadSatyrist, Jan-09-18 03:50 PM, #8
B Clinton and B Obama will be our last presidents who >>>, Grannyc, Jan-09-18 04:10 PM, #9
Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. , DavidLind, Jan-09-18 11:29 PM #10
      RE: Democratic Convention speakers have given us Bill and Barak. , Grayfox2, Jan-11-18 10:25 AM, #11
           Some bright eyed kid will come along., DavidLind, Jan-11-18 07:43 PM, #12
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