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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "You will find it is ALL about money laundering" Previous topic | Next topic
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GrannycFri Jan-12-18 08:32 PM
Member since Apr 27th 2002
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"You will find it is ALL about money laundering"
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It is all about money laundering and the new Oligarchs siphoning the wealth off the masses and laundering it through Real Estate Transactions and anonymous LLC's.

Last year alone Trump Corporations (that's how he holds everything he owns. The tax consequences are greatly lessened by said ownerships) made $34 million in sales. 77% of which were bought by anonymous LLC's.. No one knows the ownership of the LLC's or the country the owner resides in.

However, Trump's dealing is NOT what his presidency is about. Those are just his rewards for getting to office. I don't think he personally even realizes what he is caught up in. I don't think he understands it. So he just goes along and gets richer.

He was elected to STOP the DOJ from pursuing a huge laundering case, due to go to trial. Preet Bharara was the attorney. ,

Trump first tried to "work with" Preet and when that failed he FIRED HIM. The case was SETTLED barely a month later, for pennies on the dollar. With the new DOJ attorney calling it a "win win".

Guessing: But I'm sure the entire DOJ staff has to now follow a "non disclosure agreement" woven into the settlement.

Oh you guys can tell I have been following this. I was a "High Liability Escrow Officer" for 50 years... This is right up my interest alley.


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Friday [View all] , Grayfox2, Thu Jan-11-18 09:21 AM
RE: Friday, Grayfox2, Jan-12-18 07:44 AM, #1
There are a lot of nasty goings on under the money laundering rock., DavidLind, Jan-12-18 07:49 PM, #2
You will find it is ALL about money laundering, Grannyc, Jan-12-18 08:32 PM #3
      Laundering money by way of real estate., DavidLind, Jan-13-18 08:02 AM, #5
Trial for Manafort and Gates is set to begin May 14. (nt), MadSatyrist, Jan-13-18 05:06 AM, #4
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