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Subject: "Laundering money by way of real estate." Previous topic | Next topic
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DavidLindSat Jan-13-18 08:02 AM
Member since May 15th 2002
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"Laundering money by way of real estate."
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Edited on Sat Jan-13-18 05:48 PM by DavidLind


It sounds like the definition of Donald Trump.

Here in Houston we have a lot of vacant lots throughout the city. Particularly on the industrial east side. The problem with real estate development is that a lot of those vacant lots are brownfields or potential brownfields. A lot of times through illegal dumping of chemicals, (I should have said that before the edit) totally unknown to the owner of the lot. Is that the sort of liability assessment you would do? In Houston, you would have your work cut out for you because we are the petro metro. Surrounded by chemicals.


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Friday [View all] , Grayfox2, Thu Jan-11-18 09:21 AM
RE: Friday, Grayfox2, Jan-12-18 07:44 AM, #1
There are a lot of nasty goings on under the money laundering rock., DavidLind, Jan-12-18 07:49 PM, #2
You will find it is ALL about money laundering, Grannyc, Jan-12-18 08:32 PM, #3
      Laundering money by way of real estate., DavidLind, Jan-13-18 08:02 AM #5
Trial for Manafort and Gates is set to begin May 14. (nt), MadSatyrist, Jan-13-18 05:06 AM, #4
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