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The first election winner in history to declare the results are a fraud!
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Subject: "The Manchild strikes again." Previous topic | Next topic
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FudThu Mar-01-18 06:43 AM
Member since Apr 22nd 2002
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"The Manchild strikes again."
Edited on Sun Mar-04-18 06:50 AM by Fud


Whats next with this dickhead, even Nixon wouldn't of acted like this.

Trump Calls Jeff Sessions 'Mr. Magoo' And Twitter Can't Get Over It

Trump's reported new nickname for his attorney general has people divided.

edited for this since it seems suited for him.


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The Manchild strikes again. [View all] , Fud, Thu Mar-01-18 06:43 AM
That poor mistreated little elf. , DavidLind, Mar-01-18 10:55 AM, #1
RE: The Manchild strikes again., freemars2258, Mar-02-18 03:13 AM, #2
What's next is the announcement of trade tariffs. , DavidLind, Mar-02-18 10:35 AM, #3
      He can if he declares them to be a matter of national security., MadSatyrist, Mar-06-18 05:41 PM, #4
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