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Subject: "Two things really hurt steel in the US" Previous topic | Next topic
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MadSatyristWed Mar-07-18 04:36 PM
Member since May 14th 2002
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"Two things really hurt steel in the US"
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The first was the depletion of the hematite ores in Michigan, and the other was the depletion of the anthracite high quality coal.

So the mills moved to India (not China) because those resources were still available.

Now, everyone has depleted the hematites, so iron is made from taconites, which are in plentiful supply everywhere. But taconites require a preprocessing step to create iron pellets.

Which kind of gives you an idea of what's really going on there.

Thing is, there's an awful lot of recycling going on in the metals business now.

So, between the fact that the US is a pretty saturated market with 88% recycling, and the fact that Asian markets would rather employ their own people and import iron pellets - not much room for steel in the USA now. Or coal. Which is why I'm not a coal miner still.


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