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Subject: "A different perspective of 11'09'01" This topic is ARCHIVED.
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AuberonMon Sep-08-03 08:36 AM
Member since May 13th 2002
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"A different perspective of 11'09'01"
Edited on Mon Sep-08-03 10:03 AM by Auberon



Samira Makhmalbaf

The perspective from the eyes of innocent children. The children are asked about the big news and if they knew what happened. The respond with a local news story (two people in a well)...another responds that her aunt was buried up to her neck in Afghan soil and stoned to death. The teacher tells the story of 9/11 and asks for one minute of silence to respect the victims...the children debate why God would do something like that during the minute of silence. The teacher then takes the children outside to understand what a tower is...and to obtain that minute of silence while they look up at the tower (chimney tower).

Claude Lelouch

The perspective from the eyes of a deaf person only blocks away from the towers. On the eve of 9/11, the one year relationship between the deaf woman and the tour guide (for the hearing impaired) is suffering. They fight and he sleeps on the sofa. She can't sleep so she stays up and takes pictures of him. She's jealous of the women that he meets as a tour guide, and he has grown tired of the deafening silence. They argue with each other in the morning and he slams the door on his way to work. She has the TV on but is in the other room writing a Dear John letter as the towers are shown on TV. Can't say more than this, other than the fact that these two now faced with what has happened realize the importance of their relationship. Don't want to spoil the story on this one.

Youssif Chahine

A movie director who can see the spirit of a US Soldier from 1983, killed in Beirut. The soldier says the director should make his feelings known. We cut to a scene where a young man is strapping bombs to himself. It cuts through the thick and discusses how America must take account for its actions. Details too important to summarize here, one important part that must be seen to appreciate fully.

Danis Tanovic

From the perspective of refugee Bosniaks. Every 11th of every month, they go to the town square at 4pm to protest. The lead of the story, Selma, is initially the only woman to continue to protest on the 11th, and the others join in, to protest for the victims of 9/11 as well as for themselves.

Idrissa Quedraogo

The story of five young boys who see Osama Bin Laden and try to capture him for the $25M reward. What will they do with the money. Help Adama's (seen in red) mother out of her illness, and feed children that are starving, and help all the sick...and keep the money from the adults that will spend it on themselves. They track down Osama who they see every day at the same place and time. The chase him from his hotel to the airport....

Ken Loach

A man living in the UK who was exiled from Chile. A supporter of Allende who was labeled a terrorist. He writes a letter to the Americans about his own Tuesday September 11th, 1973 where the US bombed out of power the communism that had been rightfully elected by the people. He spoke of the 30,000 people murdered and the women raped by man and dog alike, of the torture that ensued. Then spoke of Kissinger in certain terms and then asked us to remember his september 11th, saying he would not forget ours....the most moving piece in my opinion.

Alejandro Gonzalez I˝arritu

A very disturbing combination of images and broadcasts and silence. Images and video of the people jumping from the buildings along with various multi-lingual radio broadcasts....a forced look at the pain of the moment. Definitely not for those prone to fits of rage and/or crying

Amos Gita´

A journalist in Jerusalem is covering a boring story of the biggest bakery in the market when a car bomb goes off. She then starts filming and trying to get any information out of the police that she can, narrating in the meantime with information about other september 11ths. She finds out she is suddenly off the air and is told by the editor that something really really really serious has happened in the US...

Mira Nair

The story of a young muslim in NYC who rushes to help when the towers are attacked. Because he is muslim the government labels him a terrorist and they are on the look out for him. The media labels him a terrorist and even neighbors now shun the family. It is discovered that everyone was wrong...but they only fain remorse....

Sean Penn

A man living in the shadows of the towers is living a lie. He knows his wife died many years ago but refuses to accept the truth. The flower pot that the wife put on the window ledge has dead flowers. The man goes out early in the morning and returns, to take a nap with the TV on. we see the man sleeping and the first tower begins to we see the tower fall on the screen, you see the shadow cast by it begin to lower, bringing the sun into the room. The sun in the man's eyes wakes him up. He does not notice the TV broadcast, but the flowers that have sprung to life in that flower pot. It is at this moment that he is faced with the harsh reality that his wife is gone.

Shohei Imamura

The story of a Japanese soldier who has seen such terrible things as a man, that his mind convinces him that it is better to believe that he is a snake. After turning on loved one's, he is banished from his home. We see a flashback where a soldier is asked if he believes in the HOLY WAR....and in the end are told that there is no such thing as a holy war.....

This collection received a standing ovation.
I was completely moved, and impressed. It certainly opened my eyes to other perspectives. My short review certainly does this collection no justice. If you have the chance to see it, please do so.


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ONE TWEEZYMon Sep-08-03 09:01 AM
Member since Feb 26th 2003
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"WOW...looks amazing..."
In response to Reply #0


I especially love the one with the kids chasing Osama....


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AuberonMon Sep-08-03 05:34 PM
Member since May 13th 2002
2098 posts
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"RE: WOW...looks amazing..."
In response to Reply #1


this is one that received laughs...the audience needed it after seeing some of the others


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